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Android programator, moznost viza v USA

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potreboval bych najit dobreho programatora, abych mohl CryptUp rozsirit na Android. V tuhle chvili mam appku pro Chrome a planuji dodelat Firefox, Outlook a Thunderbird applikace/pluginy (a samozrejme Android a iOS).

Inzerat uz jsem psal v anglictine, tak ho tu kopiruji. Zbytek tymu je v USA, takze beztak budes potrebovat nejakou anglictinu :)

Pokud Te to zajima nebo znas nekoho, koho by to zajimalo, dej mi vedet.



I’m looking for a mobile developer for CryptUp – email encryption plugin for Chrome. The user base is growing at about 10-15% a week, right now at 5000 users with 4.93 star average review.

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta ... gc/reviews

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fbays9ug1q5y ... -march.png

My users keep telling me again and again that they want to use CryptUp on their phone.

The mobile apps will over time become the core of the product. Native apps are better for privacy products compared to browser apps, yet there is no other decent solution out there.

Currently, CryptUp only runs on Chrome. I’m working on adding support for Firefox, Outlook and Thunderbird. I’m not a mobile developer and that’s why I need you to take care of Android and/or iOS apps.

About me:

In 2012 I moved to USA to work for John Vanhara in Shipito as an intern. After that

* co-founded BitOasis (Bitcoin broker), hundreds of thousands USD in investments, 5 employees, based in Dubai

* co-founded Dil Mil (Dating app), grew it from zero to 500k users, $50k/month in revenue, received $4 million USD in investments (valuation not disclosed). Several couples marry through the app every week. The company is based in San Francisco, 10 full time employees.

* Started CryptUp! :-)

Who I’m looking for:

* Android and iOS developer. This would ideally be one person (handling both platforms), but it could also be two people (one for each platform)

* Very good written English, intermediate spoken English. Your spoken English doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should be able to communicate over phone if needed.

* Other than Java and Objective-C/Swift, you will need to be able and willing to work with some JavaScript.

* I like entrepreneurial people. This could be a two year gig if you want to start another business of your own later, or this could be your long-term project. Up to you, I’m flexible.

* I publish all source code on GitHub, and the same will be true for the mobile apps. The code you write for CryptUp will be your perfect resume for the future, because it will all be public (see https://github.com/tomholub/cryptup-chrome)

* Moving to USA is NOT a requirement. I have prepared USA work visa paperwork for 3 interns in Shipito (J-1 visa) and also for one person in BitOasis (E-2 Essential Employee visa). This is opportunity for you that you can consider, but you are also free to work from CZE if you want to, or live and work in another country.. doesn’t matter. You can work from anywhere you like.

* At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is great, consistent results and dependability.

How to contact me:

* send me links to apps you wrote or worked on. I will try them all.

* tell me what exactly did you do on these apps and what was done by others

* Send me examples of your code (links to GitHub or send it directly)

* my email is tom@cryptup.org

Looking forward!


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