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[ROM][XWKJ3][21Noe]◄Omega Series v6.x►~~◄Stock►~~~◄Black Blu

Příspěvek od Krwell » pát 18. lis 2011 19:42:25

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originální Topic : ... ?t=1290468

[ROM][XWKJ2][15Noe]◄Omega Series v5.x►New Era in SG2~Everything included~Fully themed

Android 2.3.5
Firmware XWKJ3 (Release Date: 25/10/2011)
Modem XXKI4
Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

Inside Omega v6.0:
Firmware XWKJ3 Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 (Release Date: 25/10/2011)
Kernel Siyah+ v1.0
Modem XXKI4
Deodexed - Rooted - Zipaligned
Overscroll glow~light Blue~enabled by default
CMW recovery v5.0.2.7
JKay BlueDoubleGinger Deluxe ThemeV12.1
Call Recording
To enable Call Recording flash via CWM located @ sdcard\Omega Files\Call Recorder
Updated Stock programs
New Swype 3.25
New Android Market v3.3.11
New Gmail v2.3.5.2
New Google Maps v5.12.0
New YouTube 2.2.16 (Available in Omega Files)
Gtalk with video support
[MOD] Hacked Camera.APK for better audio quality, usage with any battery life + Complete Silent Camera
Programs included (Can be removed)
Barcode Scanner v3.72
Compass v2.1
ConvertPad v2.0.0
FasterFix v1.6.1
Google Translate 2.2
Dropbox v1.2.4
Hide It Pro v2.8
MySword v2.3.1
Pocket v2.6
MixZing v3.5.0
MySword v.2.2
Tiny Flashlight v3.9.9.11
ES File Explorer - (install ES_File_Explorer_v1.6.0.7.apk from sdcard/Omega Files/Programs)
DSP Manager Equalizer for Android
JKay Deluxe Settings V12.1
AddFree Android
AppZorter Lite for Modded TouchWiz
Disabled boot sounds - You can enable them with @ sdcard\Omega Files\Mods
No increasing ringtone volume
Instantaneous GPS Fixation v1.2 for Europe (for other Countries check here or use FasterFix)
SIP over wifi and 3g
Extended power menu - it's customizable with new JKay Deluxe Settings V11 (Included)
Services.jar updated to allow stock SMS/MMS work with BLN
Add support for HTC headset button
Disable screen wake from volume buttons
No Auto Converting SMS messages to MMS after 4 SMS it will be converted to MMS after 200 SMS
Changed default home page in TouchWiz Launcher from 1 to 4 by petsas
Change 4 icons dock with 5 icons dock by petsas--How to use * In the app drawer, hit edit, and add one more icon dock at the bottom of the page.
Added csc support EUR for (Greece) and also for many more countries.
Enable/Disable Full and Low Battery Notification (with Deluxe Settings app included in Omega)
Enable/Disable Low battery Notification (with Deluxe Settings app included in Omega)
Bln support
Modded Browser With UserAgent Option by intronauta
Remove SMS log from call log install from Omega Files for this mod.
Yahoo finance
Zinio reader
Stock Shutdown Animation
Camera sounds
Rom is No Full Wipe

Changelog Omega XT v6.1◄ICE CREAM SANDWICH►:
ICS Transition Animation
New Phone.apk (Redesigned by BigBangHD)
New Mms.apk
Sonysketch & Roboto font preinstalled
White text on dark background
New Trasparent Lockscreen: 3 different Icons
Original ICS Statusbar Icons
From Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus:
Sound: Notifications, Ringtones, Alarms, UI
Music App
Settings Icon (Added by BigBangHD: Call, Motions and Privacy icon)
Statusbar Icon (Modded by BigBangHD)
New Battery percentage icon (Designed by BigBangHD)
Application Icon (Calculator, Email, Camera (HW button and improve audio & video), Gallery, Talk (with video), Settings, Browser (with User Agent), Messaging, Contacts, Videos)
Folder Icon like ICS (Designed by BigBangHD)
Aosp Lockscreen from Black Android (thanks to Nitroz and Pele)
Modded Notification Bar: Galaxy Nexus style
New ICS Dialer by BigBangHD
Dark APM
Modded Advanced Power Menù icons
Dark pop-up
ICS Blue Progress Bar
All other are the same with Omega v6.0
Rom is No Full Wipe

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Naposledy upravil(a) Krwell dne úte 22. lis 2011 22:31:10, celkem upraveno 1 x.
Samsung Galaxy S II - CriskeloRom - R.I.P.
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Re: [ROM]◄Omega Series v5.x►New Era in SG2

Příspěvek od h4wk3y » úte 22. lis 2011 20:13:48

je skvela.. velmi podobna originalu, vydrz 2 dny pri mirnem pouzivani neni problem...

Proste supr :-)... Konecne jedna, ktera mi fakt sedi...

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Re: [ROM][XWKJ3][21Noe]◄Omega Series v6.x►~~◄Stock►~~~◄Black

Příspěvek od hotdogicek » sob 26. lis 2011 17:09:00

potvrdzujem, 2 tyzdni pouzivania, super výdrz baterky, spolahliva, ziadne restarty. spokojnost


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