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Introducing our 100% Fake Sms Sender

Příspěvek od funnysms » čtv 29. bře 2012 14:45:53

Hi all Android-Lovers, we have found this forum has very huge android community! Good Luck!

(We decided to write here because few days ago we received many complains some people here were trying to lie they created our service and they tried to make a bad impression for you - so we have to react. We are receiving many emails from our customers they really like the service and are very happy to use it)

We would like to introduce you our brand new app called 100% Fake Sms Sender, you can see screenshot here:


The app is very easy to use and the main concept is doing nice jokes or win some bets between friends :)

Please try the service for free and let us know some feedback if it works fine in your country. We need to doublecheck if it works fine for all czech and slovak mobile operators.

Right now we are giving 2 FREE test credits for every new customer, but maybe later we will plan to add more.

Note: Before using the app you must accept disclaimer you will not abuse the service, otherwise you will be liable for any legal action and you can be reported. Thanks for understanding and for playing fair. We discussed with guys at Google and AdMob team (who approved our add aswell) about legacy of the app so don't be scared just keep in mind do not try to use it for any illegal activities!

Thank you all for your time reading this article.


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Re: Introducing our 100% Fake Sms Sender

Příspěvek od LivArt » čtv 29. bře 2012 15:00:26

It was here about a day ago ;)


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