Prestigio MultiPhone 7500 - FW/ROM/ROOTCWM and MIUI rom

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CWM and MIUI rom

Příspěvek od TooManySecrets » pát 19. zář 2014 20:13:12

I ported a MIUI rom for the pap 7500 and the only problem now is i cant get cwm to work properly. I made it so it can boot on the phone but some stuff wont mount.

This is my stock recovery: ... y.img?dl=0

And this is my last working custom recovery: ... 2.img?dl=0

If anyone can come up with the solution please help me out.
Its probobly just a recovery.fstab problem.

Again sorry for the english guys but this was the only forum that had any mention about this nice phone.


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