ProdejFC 24:Development plans allow you to fine-tune a player's

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FC 24:Development plans allow you to fine-tune a player's

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Welcome to the FC 24 Youth Academy guide! In this article, we will explore the potential of developing your own wonderkids in EAFC 24 Coins the world of football. The Youth Academy in career mode offers incredible opportunities to acquire high-potential players at a low cost, while also generating revenue through player sales. Utilizing the Youth Academy not only enhances your team's performance but also adds a unique and personal touch to your game save. Whether you are new to career mode or a seasoned user of the Youth Academy, this guide will provide valuable insights and tips for success.

Scouting and Hiring Scouts

To begin your journey, FC 24 provides you with a youth scout. The quality of the scout varies based on the team you choose, with higher-rated teams offering better scouts. The scout's star rating and judgment are crucial factors in finding high-quality players. Experience scouts bring back more players per monthly report, increasing your chances of finding top talent, while scouts with excellent judgment have a higher likelihood of discovering players with great potential. It is recommended to hire scouts in all three available slots, but be mindful of your club's budget. If necessary, wait for player sales to free up finances before investing in additional scouts.

Assigning Scouts and Player Types

Once you have assembled your scouting team, it's time to send them on assignments. You can choose the country, assignment duration, player type, and even the exact position of the player you want to scout. Longer assignment durations are more expensive but offer a greater chance of finding quality players. For added variation, realism, and fun, consider having two scouts on frequent assignments and one designated homegrown scout focused on players from your own country.

Player types in the Youth Academy affect the base attributes of scouted players. Defensive-minded players have enhanced defensive awareness, interceptions, standing tackle, and slide tackle attributes. Wingers possess better pace, agility, balance, and crossing abilities. Technically gifted players excel in ball control, dribbling, and passing, while playmakers emphasize vision and creativity. The attacker type focuses on finishing, but the physically strong player type stands out with its exceptional athleticism, compensating for any initial lack of natural ability.

Analyzing Monthly Reports and Potential

When the monthly reports from your scouts arrive, there is one number you should focus on: the maximum potential of each player. Aim to sign players with a maximum potential of 90 or above to ensure a high-standard academy. While not all players will reach 90 overall, their chances of reaching at least 80 are significantly higher. Keep in mind that the maximum potential is a range, so 90 serves as a good benchmark. Adjust your expectations according to a player's position, as value is influenced by positional roles. Consider having a budget slightly higher than necessary to avoid releasing players due to financial constraints.

Managing Your Youth Academy

As players are promoted from the Youth Academy, it is advisable to loan them out promptly unless they are receiving regular playing time in a successful team. The dynamic potential system, which affects a player's growth, can negatively impact players who lack consistent game time. Loaning players in lower divisions is particularly crucial, as the feature may not function optimally. Loaning players on the fringe of your squad helps preserve their original potential.

Development plans allow you to fine-tune a player's attributes. Physically strong players excel in this area, as their well-rounded stat buy FC 24 Coins spread reduces the time required to learn a new position. Additionally, hiring better coaches and managing their positions can enhance players' growth rates. Focus on positions that align with your team's needs to optimize player development.

The PC Advantage

If you have access to the PC version of the game, consider utilizing third-party software to enhance your career mode experience further. PC versions offer the ability to control dynamic potential, add play styles permanently to players, and enjoy a range of other enhancements. These features elevate the enjoyment of career mode and make it ten times more immersive.

By leveraging the FC 24 Youth Academy, you can unlock the potential of developing your own wonderkids. The Youth Academy provides cost-effective access to high-potential players while adding depth and uniqueness to your game save. Through effective scouting, careful player selection, and strategic management, you can build a conveyor belt of talent that consistently produces the next big stars. Keep exploring and experimenting, and don't hesitate to share your fantastic player discoveries and challenges in the comments section. Cheers for watching and take care!

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